Betting on Non-Sporting Events

These days, online casinos are kicking things up a notch by offering gamers more than just the usual odds on sporting events. Currently, many sportsbooks and other sites are offering gamers and bettors the chance to bet on things such as celebrity marriages (who will tie the knot, when and who will divorce and when) and much more.

Yes, the Super Bowl, World Series and soccer are favorites, but the non sporting world is entering into the picture quickly these days. In fact, one hugely popular Internet sportsbook in the UK has stopped taking bets on whether Prince William will marry Kate Middleton and when.

So many bettors have placed wagers and general interest on this non sporting event that the famous sportsbook had to cease taking any more wagers. Quite honestly, gamers are tuning into these non sporting events to bet on them because they are unpredictable in many ways causing odds and offers on them pretty interesting. See, when you bet on a non sporting event or pop culture event, you are not betting on one team to win over another (where the best team wins) – you are wagering on whether something will happen and when. Odds get pretty interesting when oddsmakers cannot just create odds based on a team’s record. In non sporting events, they have to create odds based on time frames and much more difficult situations – so the next time you are online gambling, look into betting on a non sporting event.

BCS National Championship

All of you online casinos sports betting fans out there are chomping at the bit to see who wins the big game tonight. The Florida Gators are facing the Buckeyes in Arizona tonight in the biggest and best college football throw down of the year. While we do not want to show favoritism to any specific team here at PhD (but if you look at our color scheme in the tip title – it’s a dead giveaway), we are letting all of our patrons know that the best odds are available at Internet sports books for sure. In fact, not only can you get great odds on your favorite team, you can post bets up until an hour or two before the game at most Internet sports betting sites. Always shop a good odds offer too. Not all sites have the same odds, but most will be very close if not the same. You can even go to free sites and place bets too – so money is not always the main draw here either – when online gambling – you can post a bet just for fun too at some sites. Have fun. Kick off is just after 8PM EST.