Gaming in Land-Based Casinos

While we all love the convenience of online casinos (being able to game on the Net right from home is extremely convenient), but some times a trip to a land-based facility is a way to get out and socialize one on one with gamers and even your opponent.

While there are many fantastic places to play all over the world, some Net players have a hard time letting go of the mouse long enough to stretch their legs and hit a brick and mortar facility.

So, the next time you are on vacation or in an area with a good casino, try heading out to enjoy a bit of off line game play. While nothing beats the convenience of playing at home – nothing beats to variety of gaming in and based facilities. After all, variety is the spice of gaming and life for that matter. You are more likely to have a good time gaming when you have variety. Yes, we all love out favorite online gambling spots, but your surrounding need a change too at times.

When you find yourself playing blackjack outside of your favorite online casinos, you will see a different aspect of the game you do not see when playing on the Net – card counting.

Well, you may see players trying to card count anyway! While this was a technique widely used years ago when brick and mortar facilities only used one or two decks, nowadays, you will be hard pressed to be able to count cards in a betting facility. However at home, you could when playing with friends and family. Forget even trying on the Net. These days, betting facilities know that counting cards benefits the players. So, more and more land based facilities shuffle after only a few hands – this way, players cannot really keep track of what has been shown.

The good old days of card counting are just about gone unless you are a serious mathematician prodigy or playing at home among friends and family. Online gambling is really exciting when playing blackjack as it is one of the fastest moving card games.