Is Wife Willing to Give up Her Family for the Casino?

– Mike and Kim have been married for 15 years. But with Kim’s gambling at PayPal casino and Mike’s suspicions of her cheating, their marriage have been anything but easy. So Mike, you think that she’s talking to other guys now?

– I don’t know why they call it this, but sexting, or whatever, I’ve caught her doing it before, you know. And it just brings back old feelings. – But didn’t you get caught sexting? – I got caught on Facebook somebody texting me, not me texting back, I didn’t text back, but. – And who was that Mike? – It was a young lady that, you know, that liked me, after we separated and you know.

Never have I cheated on her when we were together, ever have I been with a woman when we’re together, but. – You’ve been faithful the entire time? – I’ve been faithful. – [Host] Alright. – (crowd clapping) – [Woman] So, Kim, are you sexting guys? – [Kim] Not currently, no. I have. – [Woman] What do you mean not currently? – [Kim] I have since the last time we went through, you know. – Kim, can I tell you, you’re about the first woman on the scene to seem to me like she going through a midlife crisis. – I am. – Why do you say that you’re going through a midlife crisis or you feel like you’re going through that? – Sometimes I do feel like. I have a lot on my plate, and you know, Mike is my best friend, and we don’t treat each other as such. – [Woman] Why? – Just the history. – Has communication stopped? – Just the history. – [Kim]

Good communication has stopped. – I think y’all need to start having fun with each other. – [Both] Yes. – Do you know what I mean? ‘Cause I mean, you’re both two very attractive individuals. And it just seems like the fun, like y’all stopped having fun with each other. And I know responsibility and kids and bills you know, can take it out of. But it seems like y’all forgot to start doing other things. – [Both] Yeah. – [Host]

Do you all take family vacations? – Uh, we haven’t taken one in awhile. – Our family vacations consist of going up to Minnesota to see his family. – To see my family, and back down. – [Host] You all. – [Kim] Who, Mike and I? – No, and the kids. – No. – Without having to go to family. – [Kim] No. – All that money you’re spending at the casino, yes. Y’all could take a family vacation. And have some fun. (audience applause) – Kim, you know, as a clinical psychologist

I’ve actually seen gambling become a real clinical problem for people, and gambling disorder is a diagnosis, and you know, one of the symptoms of that is that your relationships are suffering and you’re still doing it anyway. And I think Mike is telling you, hey our relationship is suffering, and the gambling is contributing to that deterioration. So what do you think about that? – Me personally, I think it’s creating more problems than just our relationship. It’s our family.

I mean in the overall end of things, that’s what’s important. Our family. (audience applause) – Kim, can I just tell you that you really have, you have a man that really cares about you and cares about the value of family, and is verbalizing to you the importance of how it’s impacting negatively, not only your family but your relationship. It’s the law of sacrifice, what are you willing to give up to have that one thing that you want? Are you willing to give up your family in order to have gambling? – Of course not. My kids and Mike mean the world to me. – But I would say Kim, that you’re making some choices, that make it look like you think the opposite. – And Kim, when you’re going to the casino, who you going to the casino with? – Oh, by myself. I like, no. By myself, maybe a girlfriend from work every now and then. But mostly by myself. I love that me time. –

Mike, do you think that she’s going to see any guys over there? – Nah, not at the casino. ’cause it’s too small where we live. If she was, it would come back so fast. – See, that worries me. – It’d be in the nightly news. – Well, that worries me. ‘Cause you’re saying, no she’s not ’cause it’s too small. How about because I trust her? – Well, that’s the problem. I’m trying to get to that point. You know like I said, I forgave but I never forget. And if it gets swept under the rug, I mean, that rug, I can still lift it up and see the dirt.